Standard Features

 Input fuse and switch, or breaker.
 Rectifier fuse.
 Standard terminal sequence.
 Extruded aluminum heat sinks.
 Plug-in printed control module.
 Regulated to ~ 0.5% of set voltage for line variations ~ 10% and load variations of 0-100%.
 Capable of parallel operation.
 Automatic current limiting adjustable from 20% to 120% of rating.
 Reverse polarity protection.
 Manual equalize switch with pilot lamp.
 Separate float / equalize and current adjustment pots.
 DC Voltmeter and ammeter with 2-" scale, accurate within 2%.
 Convection cooled to operate in at least 40 C ambient.


Optional Features

 Special input voltages.
 Special input frequencies.
 Wall, rack or floor mounting for any capacity.
 Manual or automatic equalize modes with or without timers, c/w pilot lamp.
 Manual voltage and/or current adjustments.
 Low and/or high voltage alarms c/w pilot lamps and form "C" contacts.
 Output breakers.
 AC fail alarm with or without time delay c/w pilot lamp and form "C" contacts.
 Ground fault alarm c/w pilot lamp and form "C" contacts.
 Special or 1% meters.
 Output filtered to any level.
 Your specification.