General Description

CIGENTEC chargers are made in Canada and are of proven reliability under widely varying service and climatic conditions.

Suitable for diesel, marine and other stationary battery charging applications.

Type CG chargers are built with electronic output control, automatic FLOAT/ EQUALIZE selection with manual overide, low battery voltage alarm with time delay, and reverse polarity protection and indication.

Type CB have a DC Fail alarm with time delay in addition.

CG-SM & CB-SM models are assembled in a cabinet suitable for WALL MOUNTING.

CG-SP & CB-SP models are assembled in a cabinet suitable for CUBICLE DOOR MOUNTING.

The normal delivery lead time for these chargers is from stock to one week. Spares are normally available within 48 hours. Each charger includes an instruction manual c/w drawings and parts list, and is individually packed in a specially designed box.


Charger features:

  • Fully electronic with no mechanical parts;

  • Factory adjusted for lead batteries;

  • Factory adjusted to any voltage on request;

  • Suitable for all types of rechargeable batteries;

  • Can remain on line during engine cranking;

  • Electronically limits output current to a preset maximum even during a continued short-circuit;

  • Current tapers automatically as the battery recharges;

  • Provides exact trickle current required to maintain battery fully charged;

  • Automatic FLOAT/EQUALIZE selection, as required by the battery;

  • Manual overide switch to select "AUTO" or "EQUALIZE" or "FLOAT" mode;

  • Reverse polarity indicating LED;

  • Low battery voltage alarm with time delay to avoid "nuisance" alarms during heavy loads of short duration;

  • DC failure alarm to indicate lost or abnormal output (type CB only);

  • Dry form "C" contacts for alarm transmission on low battery volts on types CG & CB, and on DC fail on type CB only;

  • No taps needed for adjustment of Input or output;

  • Will operate in wide range of ambient temperatures and humidity.